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Suzanne mayeur

Suzanne Mayeur

VP of Operations at

Company SizeStarted with 70 employees,
now has 298

Industry SaaS

HeadquartersCarpinteria, CA

KYC Customer sinceJuly 2013

Before Suzanne used Know Your Company...

“Culture to us is very important. One of our values is openness and so we try to be as open as we lawfully can be. We wanted to maintain that culture, especially as we started to move people into territories. We moved an employee to Austin, Texas, and he didn't know anybody, same thing with Minnesota, we started hiring out there and didn't know any of them personally. We're always looking for ways to be more inclusive with our remote offices.

It was this feeling of, "Oh my goodness, we're having difficulty including people." Skype Groups weren't really working, and communication overall was a little rough. Group emails were just somewhat of a disaster because you send out a question and then you get 70 reply all emails and so does everybody else.

We were struggling with how to be more personable.”

After Suzanne used Know Your Company...

“I find I personally use Know Your Company results the most when I'm standing in line at our Wednesday all-company lunch. I strike up conversations with employees I do not know very well based on their Know Your Company responses, "Edgar, what do you mean you've never been on a boat? We need to get you out there!"

Know Your Company gives people interesting and entertaining things to talk about. We had a Know Your Company question asking about nicknames the other day and I called a few people out, "Hey, (whatever your nickname is)," everyone laughed and we now use lots of nicknames based on that question. People use it as a launching point to engage and get to know each other.

It's one thing to go to lunch with someone. But when you read about their beauty secrets, or the scariest thing they have ever done, it's entertaining. For example, one of my Minnesota guys replied, "Ugh, you just don't understand how much it takes to hold this," referring to his big beard. Our CEO commented on that one saying "I love that guy. He's so funny." Who doesn't like to humor and directly engage with the CEO?

I am confident that this level of communication connects our entire company on a personal and informational level. It definitely makes it more interesting. I just don't feel like you're doing a great job in running a company if you aren't constantly trying to get or know your people better.”

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