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Suraj kika

Suraj Kika

CEO of

Company Size70 employees

Industry Software

OfficesLeicester, UK; Chicago, IL;
Canberra, AUS

KYC Customer sinceJanuary 2014

Before Suraj used Know Your Company...

“After hire number five or number six, that’s when I realized that the moment you start grouping people together, you change the dynamic with every person you add. You also bring in a whole bunch of new challenges in people management and culture.

Now we’re up to over 70 people and we’re growing rapidly now. That challenge has started to become my main concern – it’s keeping the culture of the company as we grow. Especially internationally, where you may not be in the same office or even the same country as the critical employees who report to you. Jadu is a people focused, close-knit team. We invest heavily in every employee, because to us, they are the reason our customers are successful.

Because our company was growing quickly, we wanted to get feedback on how we were doing. Suggestion boxes seemed so outdated and frankly, something most people would ignore. We wanted something that worked in the native ‘digital’ environment my team lived and worked in.”

After Suraj used Know Your Company...

“We started using Know Your Company, and people started using it straight away. And so here we are a year later and we are still using the system – much more than company feedback now, Know Your Company is ‘teamsourcing’ ideas, starting conversation and supporting decisions.

Know Your Company matters because (A) it helps me and the team get feedback and (B) we get to find out about the unique, interesting facts about my team, especially while I’m in another country on business. I don't have to be casually passing them in the hallway.

It also helps my team get to know each other a little bit more. It’s important as we grow, and as we see new people at Jadu everyday.

Most of the great ideas aren't in your head – they are in the heads of the people who help you build your business. It’s important to at least know what those ideas and opinions are, even if you can’t or don’t do anything about them. You never know when you will need and use them.”

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