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Grant gochnauer

Grant Gochnauer

Co-Founder of

Company Size45 employees

Industry Web Development / Software

HeadquartersChicago, IL

KYC Customer sinceJuly 2013

Before Grant used Know Your Company...

“We never had a good forum to ask sometimes really tough questions. That mechanism didn't exist. You're not going to be like, "Okay, what do you think about this?" to everyone in the all hands meeting, when you've got 50 people, 60 people waiting there looking at you. Not only are people not going to say something off the cuff, but when you got 50, 60 people, it could be hard to speak up and speak your mind.

On top of that, sometimes as a founder, it's hard to see the forest in the trees. You're so focused on the problems and solving problems that you don't have an opportunity really to look at the successes.

When you get really busy, it's easy to forget to have that conversation. You need to have a system in place to prompt and remind you that sets like a cadence. A cadence where it reminds you as leaders and reminds the team that this is okay and that we want your feedback and we want to have a dialogue.”

After Grant used Know Your Company...

“Know Your Company has 1) helped elevate the opportunities of focus and 2) helped us remember there's a lot of things we're doing really well.

Know Your Company gives people that opportunity to have a way to provide very candid feedback. That has been the most valuable. That feedback has helped to re-prioritize what the leadership team works on, and created clarity where there wasn't clarity, as well as ideas around improving the quality of our work at Vodori.

It helps you understand what not to focus on. You get really clear like, "Oh man, we're not doing a good job over here. We're doing a great job over here."

Also, as a founder, sometimes it's hard to see like how far you've come. As we were thinking about our vision this year and talking with our board of directors, they're the first to mention to us like, "You guys, you've done a lot of really awesome stuff. You've come a long way. Let's not forget that and let's remind the team." That's the value from a founder's perspective that Know Your Company provides.”

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