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We've spent the past three years creating tools in Know Your Company to help you always ask insightful, relevant questions to your employees. Now, you'll never struggle with coming up with questions to ask your employees.

More than 100 Company Questions, out-of-the-box

As a part of Know Your Company, we give you two-years worth of carefully-written and curated Company Questions. These questions have been vetted and used by hundreds of companies in over 25 different countries, from which they've uncovered insights to run their companies better. Here's a sample of our Company Questions...

More than 200 Social Questions, out-of-the-box

We give you two-years worth of fun Social Questions tested, used, and enjoyed by over 10,000 employees that will bring your entire company closer together. Here's a sample of our Social Questions...

100% flexibility to edit, delete, reorder... and write your own questions!

Each company is unique – so we give you complete flexibility to customize the questions to the unique things happening in and around your business. For example: Got an all-team meeting coming up? Ask a Company Question about what everyone thinks should be on the agenda. Inside joke going around the company? Bring it up in a Social Question.

Custom questions

Get inspired by Handpicked Questions written by other CEOs

After working with hundreds of CEOs for the past two or so years, we've handpicked the best questions these CEOs have written and shared them with you inside the software. You'll discover what's working well at other companies, and get inspiration for what questions you should be asking in your own company.

We also regularly update these Handpicked Questions once a month, so you'll constantly be getting new ideas for questions to ask at your own company.


Learn what your employees are curious about with Question Suggestions

Oftentimes, the best ideas for questions to ask your employees come from your employees, themselves. So once a month, we'll ask your employees for suggestions of questions they'd like to see ask through Know Your Company...and we'll collect them for you automatically! Now you'll always know what your employees are curious about, without having to do a single thing.


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