Do you know *your* company as well as these CEOs do?

Brian solano

Brian Solano, CEO of CE Broker

“With Know Your Company, I was able to understand that my team needed more communication. More updates. And more strategic guidance. We’ve always had meetings and what I believed to be good communication, but Know Your Company revealed the fact that we need to reinforce our strategy, goals, and objectives more often. It's helped us be a more transparent company and helped me be a better leader!"

Ward poulous

Ward Poulous, Co-Founder of ZipRecruiter, Inc.

“We have been using Know Your Company since July of 2013 when we had ~45 employees, and we have since grown to over 100. The Know Your Company product has provided us with a built-in way to quickly bring new employees into the fold, and has allowed us to easily gather internal feedback on product and company-oriented initiatives. It's like having a virtual all-hands meeting, all the time. Also, by helping close the cultural gaps between disparate departments and locations, the Know Your Company product has definitely made our culture stronger. The product is simple to use and a great value for all the benefits that it brings to the table.”

Richard banfield

Richard Banfield, CEO of Fresh Tilled Soil

“As you grow your company, culture becomes increasingly more important but harder to monitor. Very few people will openly discuss problems or concerns. Know Your Company is the keyhole into what our team is thinking and feeling. It's like having a second set of eyes and ears.”

Amanda lannert

Amanda Lannert, CEO of Jellyvision

“Jellyvision is an 11 year old tech company that has hit a high growth stage. We’re a small, tightly knit group no more. As we grow (we’re now north of 125 people), I’m finding it harder and harder to personally connect with each employee. Know Your Company has been a great tool for allowing me to openly and equally solicit feedback about a wide range of topics. That I expected. What I didn’t expect was the forum it created for employees to also connect with each other. Teams find common ground they didn’t know was there, and new people find reasons to connect with their people they don’t cross paths with on a day to day basis. For Jellyvision, a company that holds all employees accountable for open and honest feedback, KYC has been a great resource to foster sharing, learning, and mutual accountability.”

Jason chicola

Jason Chicola, CEO of

“Know Your Company makes us better managers, by raising concerns before they become problems. And the company feels more connected; we now know each other better as people.”

Cathy atkins

Cathy Atkins, Co-Founder of Metis Communications

“Know Your Company is one of the best decisions we have ever made as business owners. We are hyper focused on our team culture, so Know Your Company gives us both insight and the ability to easily act on what we learn, which in turn makes us better owners, managers, and individuals.”

Greg hoy

Greg Hoy, Principal of Happy Cog

“If you run an organization, especially a growing one, it can be increasingly challenging to stay in tune with how your employees feel and what makes them them. And it’s next to impossible to have day-to-day conversations with each person to get that information (not to mention odd). Know Your Company is a simple, yet extremely useful tool that provides a window into the heartbeat of your organization. I’m surprised every week by the insights I’ve gotten, and I’ve made frequent adjustments as a result of them. I highly recommend it.”

Jason stirman

Jason Stirman, Product Design and People Operations at Medium

“Thanks to Know Your Company, we now better understand the value of creating a safe space for our employees to share what's on their mind, and we look forward to reading the responses every other day.”

Grant gochnauer

Grant Gochnauer, Co-Founder of Vodori

“It’s always been important for us to build a culture of openness and transparency and with Know Your Company, we’ve been able to find a simple tool that helps us deliver. Through Know Your Company we’ve identified a number of topics that lacked the clarity we thought we had provided and identified constraints we thought didn’t exist which allowed us to turn around these insights into improvements that were then incorporated into everything from recruitment to on-boarding, to our review process."

Erin mckean

Erin McKean, Founder of Reverb

“At Reverb, we're all about words and connections ... with Know Your Company we've been able to highlight both. Employees' answers to the Friday questions, especially, have given team members opportunity to indulge in the kind of wordplay and humor that can be out of place in commit messages, and made connections between people from different teams who have shared love for the smell of gasoline (and shared fear of heights).”

Seiwook kim

Sei-Wook Kim, Co-Founder and Principal at Barrel

“Maintaining open communication has been a core goal of ours at Barrel. Know Your Company has played a large role in allowing our team share the things that make them excited and frustrated on a weekly basis. Using the insights we've gained from Know Your Company, we've taken action to improve many HR processes such as our training and onboarding program, vacation policy, and inclement weather protocols. One surprising finding that we were able to remedy early on was that half the company thought a second monitor would substantially improve their productivity. Know Your Company gave our team the opportunity and confidence to speak up about a seemingly insignificant topic. It has been invaluable in helping us build tighter relationships within our team.”

Jen randall

Jen Randall, President of Maestro

“Know Your Company has been a fun add to our company culture. Our culture is open and collaborative both in space and communication style. One of our core values revolves around being courageously transparent and we get better at it every day. Know Your Company helps us fulfill that core value and allows us to be even more intentional about the importance of fostering great dialogue between employees.”

Sandy greene

Sandy Greene, Principal at Intuitive Company

“Because of Know Your Company, we now know how truly deeply our staff is interested in, cares about and wants to help drive the strategic vision and direction of the company as a whole.”

Doug breaker

Doug Breaker, CEO of Homefinder

“One of the first feedback items I acted on coming out of Know Your Company provided a ton of employee happiness and overall company efficiency for a really simple change. We asked, "do we have too many meetings" as one of our company questions, and one of our developers responded with some meeting best practices, one of them being to make meeting times in Google Calendar to default to 30 minutes instead of an hour. I sent an email to everyone in the company to personally go make that change, with the reasoning why, and everyone did. As a result, we have shorter, more focused meetings, and happier, more productive employees.”

Suzanne mayeur

Suzanne Mayeur, VP of Operations at Procore

“Because of Know Your Company, one thing I learned about one of our employees was that he was a diehard Seahawks fan. This has prompted endless, fun interaction amongst the different office locations and made him feel like he was much more a part of the team. Being disconnected from the main office can often leave employees feeling like an island. Now he is well known for his enthusiasm and his loyalty, especially considering how they finished out the season.

Also, responding to private messages through Know Your Company is the most important thing I do now as part of my role. Letting employees know I hear them and quickly resolving any issue they wished to reveal privately has created such good will. Over time the trust is gained and the shyness dissipates so they feel much more comfortable discussing things more openly in the future. Without Know Your Company, I wonder if they would have ever come out of their shell?”

Aaron harpole

Aaron Harpole, Director of Happiness at Fullscreen

“Before Know Your Company, I had no idea how important getting a 401(k) program was to the team. Also, I had no idea how to make homemade rat poison. But now I know! (Seriously, that came up when I posted the "got any recipes to share?" question).”

John newbold

John Newbold, Founder & Creative Director of 383 Project

“The one thing we know now because of Know Your Company is a better sense of what really makes the team happy. We have a whole host of benefits of working with 383, but rather than just growing the list of benefits blind, Know Your Company has allowed us to optimise and change what we have inline with what our guys really want. Specifically, by asking direct questions about things like pensions, holidays, working hours and perks we've been able to help revise our benefits to not just be attractive to new joiners but to work harder for the guys who've stuck with us for ages. Know Your Company has given people who wouldn't directly put their hand up the opportunity to do so, and it's allowed us to get a much better sense of the 'big' opinions across the spread of the entire team, rather than just hearing from one or two individuals.”

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