Watch talks given by our CEO Claire Lew

Big Omaha: "The Things Unsaid"

Claire reveals why the things unsaid in your company are what hurt it the most. She then shares the three things you can do to uncover what's unsaid in your company. (May 2015, Omaha, NE).

Business of Software: "How To Get Honest Feedback From Your Employees"

In this quick 7.5 minute lightning talk, Claire outlines the four things you can do to get honest feedback from your employees. (September 2014, Boston, MA).

On Bootstrapping In America

Claire is a guest on the popular show for entrepreneurs, Bootstrapping in America. She talked about why knowing your company matters, and shared some fun stories around how Know Your Company was founded. (June 2015, Chicago, IL).

Jellyvision: "How To Get & Give Honest Feedback At Work"

Claire gives a workshop to the employees of Jellyvision, a tech company in Chicago (who is also a Know Your Company customer!). She walked them through a set of proven techniques to help them get and give honest feedback to one another. (March 2015, Chicago, IL).

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