Do you know your company as well as Cathy knows hers?

Cathy Atkins

Co-Founder of
Metis Communications

Company Size25 employees

Industry Public Relations & Marketing

HeadquartersBoston, MA

KYC Customer sinceJuly 2013

​Before Cathy used Know Your Company...

“At around 14 or 15 people, we realized that we didn’t know everybody as well as we used to. We’ve always been a really close-knit team, and we care deeply about everyone’s development and professional growth. As we grew, the staff was developing their own mentor relationships within the team, but it was getting harder for us to help everyone ‘do their best work ever,’ which is the company’s mission.”

After Cathy used Know Your Company...

“Know Your Company is one of the best decisions we have ever made as business owners. We are hyper focused on our team culture, and Know Your Company gives us both insight and the ability to easily act on what we learn, which in turn makes us better owners, managers and individuals.

Now, instead of just wondering and talking about ‘should we do this?’ or ‘should we do that?’ we just ask. We have company validation or dissent if we choose to do something. For everything from a company outing, to a meeting, to tools, to workflow, to benefits, we go through Know Your Company first.

For example, we asked the office chair question: would you like a new office chair? No one said yes, but about a third of the team mentioned they would love a standing desk, so we ordered two immediately for the office.

We love to show our employees that we're listening – even when they have hard feedback to hard questions. And even if only one or two people answer, we always make a point to circle back around and do it very quickly to show them that we care.”

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