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We surveyed hundreds of CEOs and their employees who use Know Your Company to learn about the impact the tool has had on their companies. Here’s what the employees said...


of employees feel more connected to their co-workers.

94 "No." %6

“I love that it can add a fun and funky way to connect with the team.”

A deyoung Annie DeYoung, Creative Director, Mighty in the Midwest

“Being a remote employee, it’s great to feel included in a 'conversation' so to speak with fellow employees about a topic that are miles away. It’s also a great “ice breaker” to get to know a little more about the people I work with.”

S leuders Samantha Leuders, Sales Manager, University Tees

of employees say Know Your Company helps them have more of a voice at work.

78 "No." %22

“Because of Know Your Company, it's easier to communicate to the top bosses my opinion on subjects I might not have told them.”

J vreman2 Jason Vreman, Junior Supervisor, Granite Homes

of employees say they better understand the work being done at their company.

81 "No." %11

“Because of Know Your Company, we are all aware of what is happening in the company.”

M vallecillo Maria Vallecillo, Manager, The Franklin Hotel

“It’s a way to keep a human contact with the mother ship when I need to spend a lot of time at a client site.”

T ridd Tom Ridd, Copywriter, Methods Digital

143 employees participated in the survey (7.9% of our customer base). The survey was opt-in, and conducted in August 2016.

Here's what CEOs said...


of CEOs feel more connected to their employees.

92 "No." %8

“It's like having a virtual all-hands meeting, all the time.”

Ward Poulous, Co-founder, ZipRecruiter, Inc.

Ward poulous

“Teams find common ground they didn’t know was there, and new people find reasons to connect with their people they don’t cross paths with on a day to day basis.”

Amanda Lannert, CEO, Jellyvision

Amanda lannert

of CEOs say Know Your Company positively impacts their company culture.

85 "No." %15

“Thanks to Know Your Company, we now better understand the value of creating a safe space for our employees to share what's on their mind, and we look forward to reading the responses every other day.”

Jason Stirman, Product Design and People Operations at Medium

Jason stirman

“It’s always been important for us to build a culture of openness and transparency and with Know Your Company, we’ve been able to find a simple tool that helps us deliver.”

Grant Gochnauer, Co-founder, Vodori

Grant gochnauer

of CEOs say Know Your Company helps them make business decisions.

80 "No." %20

“I’m surprised every week by the insights I’ve gotten, and I’ve made frequent adjustments as a result of them. I highly recommend it.”

Greg Hoy, CEO, Happy Cog

Greg hoy

“Using the insights we've gained from Know Your Company, we've taken action to improve many HR processes such as our training and onboarding program, vacation policy, and inclement weather protocols.”

Sei-Wook Kim, Co-Founder and Principal, Barrel

Seiwook kim

96 CEOs participated in this survey (28% of our customer base). The survey was opt-in, and conducted in July 2016.

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