Ideas for good questions to ask through Know Your Company

Here are a few ideas for asking questions through Know Your Company that are specifically tailored and relevant to your company…

(1) Ask about a current priority in your company. For example, “Is __ the right thing to focus on right now?”

(2) Ask about how a recent event went. For example, “Did we do a good job kicking off ___?”

(3) Ask about an upcoming meeting. For example, “Is there anything you’d like to make sure we discuss at __?”

(4) Ask about your customers. For example, “Is there anything more we can be doing to show gratitude to our existing customers?”

(5) Ask about a project you’d like to get group input on. For example, “Is there anything on the website you’d like to see?”

(6) Ask about something in your industry. For example, “Is there a piece of professional advice that you wish you’d known earlier in your career?”

(7) Ask for input on an upcoming company milestone. For example, “Got any ideas for how we should celebrate ___?”

(8) Ask about your company values. For example, “One of our company values is ___. Is that something we consistently act on?”

(9) Ask how things have changed in the company. For example, “Since a year ago, have we ___?”

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