I'm Claire, the CEO of Know Your Company. Thanks for stopping by.

I've spent the past three years gathering data and insights from 15,000+ employees on how to get honest feedback from even the most introverted employee. From it all, I've boiled it down to the basics...

Introducing our 5-Lesson Course on The Essentials of How to Get Honest Feedback from Your Employees. Each lesson is written by me, takes 2 minutes to read, and arrives straight to your inbox every few days.

If you're short on time, this course is perfect for you. Oh, and it's free! Enjoy :-)


Here's what'll you'll learn in the course...

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    Lesson 1

    Why employees don't speak up.

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    Lesson 2

    Create a safe environment for for feedback.

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    Lesson 3

    The one word to unlock feedback.

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    Lesson 4

    Exact questions you should ask to get honest feedback.

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    Lesson 5

    What you should do with honest feedback, once you receive it.