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Know Your Company is a software tool that helps business owners get to know their employees better and overcome company growing pains.

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When you first started, your company only had a few people. Today, you’re 30, 40, 50 strong. You don’t rub shoulders with everyone anymore. You’re blindsided by a problem you didn’t see coming. You’re caught-off guard when someone leaves your company who you thought was happy. As your responsibilities grow and your time seems to shrink, you know it will only get worse.

Know Your Company

Know Your Company is a simple software tool that helps you uncover insights into your company that you didn't know before.

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Breakdown silos in your growing team.

The bigger you get as a company, the more silos emerge – different teams, different offices. Know Your Company connects these silos across your company, so you'll ease your growing pains.

94%of employees said Know Your Company helps them feel more connected to their co-workers.(See the data)

“I love that it connects us regional employees to HQ.”

Allison Gerrick, University Tees

“As someone who doesn’t have the opportunity to spend much time with co-workers, I like the personal connection Know Your Company provides.”

Donna Handforth, TechWell

Increase employee engagement by creating an open, honest company culture.

Higher employee engagement happens when you build an open, honest company culture. Know Your Company helps your employees feel heard and valued, so they're more motivated to do great work and stay at your company longer.

85%of CEOs said that Know Your Company has positively impacted their company culture.(See the data)

“It’s always been important for us to build a culture of openness and transparency and with Know Your Company, we’ve been able to find a simple tool that helps us deliver.”

Grant Gochnauer, Co-Founder of Vodori

“Know Your Company helps us fulfill that core value and allows us to be even more intentional about the importance of fostering great dialogue between employees.”

Jen Randall, President of Maestro

Get the truth of what your employees actually think.

Bypass sugar-coated answers by giving employees a safe space to speak their minds. Know Your Company creates a welcoming, friendly environment to give feedback, and asks specific, thoughtful questions designed to unlock feedback you typically don't hear.

78%of employees said that Know Your Company helps them have more of a voice at their respective companies.(See the data)

“With Know Your Company, it's easier to communicate to the top bosses my opinion on subjects I might not have told them.”

Jason Vreman, Granite Homes

“I love the honesty that comes from my co-workers.”

Danni Shultz, Mighty in the Midwest

Make better decisions.

Gain insights that lead to real changes in your day-to-day operations. Hundreds of business owners have made changes to hiring, recruiting, onboarding, meetings, benefits, performance review, development priorities, and customer service... all because of Know Your Company.

80%of CEOs said that Know Your Company has helped them make business decisions.(See the data)

“I’m surprised every week by the insights I’ve gotten, and I’ve made frequent adjustments as a result of them. I highly recommend it.”

Greg Hoy, CEO of Happy Cog

“Because of Know Your Company, we now know how truly deeply our staff is interested in, cares about and wants to help drive the strategic vision and direction of the company as a whole.”

Sandy Greene, Principal at Intuitive Company

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Know Your Company has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Inc, Business Insider, Huffington Post, and more.

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Watch our CEO Claire Lew talk about how to uncover the things unsaid in your company. You can view more of her talks here, and read what she regularly writes on our blog and Signal vs. Noise.

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“Know Your Company helped us be a more transparent company and helped me be a better leader!”

Brian Solano, CEO of CE Broker

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